There have been many garments made using LEDs by now, yet most all work with LEDs in clothing have focused on making "clothes with LEDs", not "clothes with light". This distinction is important, as it has totally different connotations.

With careful attention to materials and product details, Rhyme&Reason seeks to create feminine designs that are distinctively beautiful with the lights on or off, and a joy to wear and own for years to come.

Dozens of bright white LEDs are embedded in each garment, with the wires are woven through the knit or sewn onto the fabric for an invisible finish.

All pieces use custom designed removable, rechargeable lithium ion battery components. A single battery cell provides up to 8 hours of light.

Currently, all pieces are made to order. Since each piece is handmade, every garment will be slightly unique. Slight customizations to the design for each individual are welcome.

Pricing includes tailoring to your own body measurements, standard shipping, battery and charger. Please allow at least a month in advance for an order. Rush pricing is sometimes available, depending on your location.

Custom designs and commisions for stage, theater, and special events are also available. There are also options for sound-reactivity, remote control, and other design features.

Please email rhymeandreason1.0 (at) with all inquiries.

email Mary Huang at
rhymeandreason1.0 (at)


Rhyme&Reason + Indelible Dance

a modern dance performance about the big bang and the creation of the universe

Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1
Brooklyn, NY
Friday & Saturday 9/24 + 9/25
tickets $10

Coming soon: the RR1.03 line...